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Founder/Lead Photographer

"High - Energy, Upbeat, a Love for People, & FULL OF LAUGHTER". Myself guides and oversee the work of photographers and other members in a creative team. I couldn't dream of a better subject and i love what i do.



Filming the climactic moments in life is a joy and a thrill for me. There are few better feelings in life when I've captured a shot where the camera, my eyes, and my hands become one by using variety of cameras.



I love to Photograph all genre. Over the last 3 years, I have been dedicated to photographing the day in which all is right with the World Photography Day. I love to work with lots of passion and joy.



Creating visual concepts and develop the overall layout and production design for various applications.


Video Editor

I enjoy surfing , Visiting with family & friends and hunkering down to edit. when i start editing, time passes so quickly. i have had the opportunitry to edit all sort of commercials, short stories.

About the company

Sai Studio is a wedding and Portrait photography studio, have been "capturing your memories' since 2010. Its always a treasure for us to capture a Client's wedding day, and I'll have a hard time putting words to show how special it was for us to photograph this one.

What's Most Important? to us is to let the stories tell themselves through our images, and we're always aiming for powerfully emotional, revealing and narrative portraiture.

Along with our team of Photographers & Videographers, we bring to you over a nice photographic experience. we don't just shoot pictures, we capture your lifetime memories!

Besides wedding we also cover Engagements, Anniversaries, Pre-wedding/ Post-Wedding Couple Shoots, Baby Portraits, Baby Shower, Etc., At the core of it all , finest attention is given to the little details that make memories last a lifetime.

Our Skills

"High - Energy, Upbeat, a Love for People, & FULL OF LAUGHTER". Myself guides and oversee the work of photographers and other members in a creative team. I live to capture those moments that seem to freeze time and reflect our personalities, playfulness & characters.I love playing a role in helping couples to capture such an amazing moment. Laughter, Tears of Joy, Encouraging words, long embraces, passionate kisses, vows of love, dancing and yes!even cake.

  • Wedding Albums 99%

  • Wedding Cinema 95%

  • Couple Shoot 90%

Why Choose Us?

A moment to remember indeed. An unforgettable memory that really ought to be properly documented. Its fun and would be a "Secret Assignment". Its a great one, if you want to capture the spontaneous expressions on your sweetheart's face as you surprise his/her with a proposal. And We creating exciting Video Wedding Invitations for couples who are getting married soon. These wedding invitations are individually customiss to suit your wedding dates & would have your details.
Get stunning photo albums of your wedding. Classy pictures, appealing layouts & state of the art printing combine together to give you a real feel good wedding album.
Your wedding is very special for everyone who know you! Surprise them with a picture of themselves printed on the spot within a few minutes of being taken, complete with a frame. Our professional photographers will make sure they look their dazzling best in the prints.

Our Featured Services

Candid Wedding Photography

Your wedding photography is a special milestone in your life and in the life of those around you.

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  • Cinematic Wedding Films

    Make your wedding memoreis extra special by opting our Cinematic Wedding Films that give a movie feel to your wedding videos.

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  • Couple Shoot

    Couple Shoot offered by us in one of the most fun oriented & emotionally enriching experience for both the newly weds or to-be-wedded.